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Accountants have traditionally prepared tax and information returns to satisfy the IRS and state governments and financial statements to satisfy the banks.  Allen & Company recognizes that there is also a tremendous opportunity to help business owners and managers understand and interpret their financial statements so that they can make better decisions and solve problems.  Our business advisory services are designed to provide immediate assistance with your most urgent needs and then continuing assistance for several months so that your business will have increased sales and cash flow and a team that works great together.

Allen & Company has also developed a system that brings life-changing results to individuals.  When people change their lifestyle, they reduce their spending, get out of debt, begin saving and investing, and ultimately achieve financial independence.  While firm members at Allen & Company aren't certified financial planners, they are very interested in helping their customers understand basic financial strategies so that they can comfortably make the final decisions about their family's financial well-being and no longer be intimidated by the "experts".   

Business Advisory

Today, businesses start and fail at an increasingly staggering rate. Every year, over a million people in the United States start a business. By the end of the first year, at least 40% of them will be out of business. Within five years, more than 80% of them will have failed. More than 80% of the small businesses that survive the first five years fail in the second five. Our focus is on helping business owners do the right kind of work and operate businesses that work. 

What would your business look like with amazing cash flow and a team that works great together?  Allen & Company offers advisory services for business owners like you so that, when the strategies are implemented correctly, you can make your business become an extraordinary success.

When you begin running your business the right way, you'll create a vision for what you'd like to accomplish, define your goals and understand your financial statements, discover the ways to grow your business that you can actually control, learn how to differentiate your business from your competitors, learn basic advertising principles that really work, and develop team members who share your vision for your business.  And ultimately, achieve something you may have never thought possible before - a successful business that works predictably, effortlessly, and profitably each and every day - whether you're there or not.

Contact us today to begin improving your business, achieving wealth from your business, and creating a business that you can eventually sell at its highest selling price.  Our complimentary Financial Performance Review and business plan reports described below are just two of the tools included in our business advisory services.

Financial Performance Review - An easy-to-understand report that assesses the financial health of a business including the areas of the business that are the strongest, areas that may need improvement, and ideas to help the business owners define and reach their financial performance goals.

Sample Business Financial Performance Review Report

Standard Business Plan - Business plan for existing businesses including a mission statement, financial highlights, strengths and weaknesses, key financial indicators, objectives and goals, implementation action plan, and projected financial statements.
Start-up Business Plan - Business plan for start-up businesses including objectives, a mission statement, start-up plan, business services and/or products, market analysis, strategy, management, and a financial plan.

Business Start-up Advisory

Only you can decide whether you should go into business for yourself. However, there are many factors to carefully consider, including a self-evaluation of your entrepreneurial abilities, the price of your product or service, accounting methods and policies, the type of legal entity to establish, and which licenses and permits may be required. We offer a four-stage process to help you determine if you're the right kind of person to start a business, determine the viability of your proposed business, determine the legal form of your business, and set up the business for operation.

Restaurant Advisory

For people thinking about investing in a franchised restaurant, our restaurant advisory services will help them evaluate franchise opportunities, consider the advantages and disadvantages of franchises, determine the right location, evaluate the competition, and choose the best legal entity for their business.

For owners and managers already in the franchised restaurant business, our restaurant advisory services will help them develop and analyze management reports to assess sales and profitability, implement cash controls, develop standard portions to control costs, and analyze their menu to determine optimum prices and product mix.  These services can also help determine appropriate inventory par levels, develop purchasing and receiving controls, control labor costs, comply with labor laws, develop orientation and motivational programs, reduce employee theft, and even analyze marketing programs to determine what promotions work better than others.  

Let us know when you're ready to begin transforming your franchised restaurant into a profitable and thriving enterprise that you can enjoy as much as your customers do.  Contact us today to get started.  

Individual Advisory

We live in a complex, fast-paced world with rapidly changing social, economic, political, and technological environments. Developing personal strategies to improve our lifestyles becomes increasingly difficult. Our goal is to help you begin taking charge of your personal finances so that you can achieve your goals and have more freedom.  According to Brian Tracy, a study of Harvard graduates found that after two years, the 3% who had written goals achieved more financially than the other 97% combined!  Individual advisory services include assistance with defining and prioritizing financial and non-financial goals, determining net worth, analyzing income and spending, creating a budget that works, paying off debt, planning for retirement, creating a recordkeeping system, and ultimately realizing lifetime goals.

Financial Needs Analysis - An easy-to-understand report that provides insights into the areas of dreams and goals, monthly cash flow, debt management, insurance protection, asset accumulation, emergency funding needs, retirement needs, estate preservation, and a starting point for implementing financial strategies to help people reach their personal goals. A Financial Needs Analysis has no cost to you.  Your only investment would be associated with implementing any strategies to help you achieve your goals.  Start taking control of your financial health.  Right now.  Contact us today. 

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