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  • Realize Your Dreams

    Realize Your Dreams

    If you're someone needing to grow your wealth and reduce your debt, our people can help you assess your current financial situation and define and reach your goals. It's your life. Live it while you're alive.

  • Build a Better Business

    Build a Better Business

    Are you a business owner needing to increase cash flow and spend more time with your family? Our people can help your business become more successful while implementing systems so that your business can run without you. Take back control of your business. Right now.

  • Quality Financial Statement Audits

    Quality Financial Statement Audits

    Has your business paid too much for a financial statement audit? Next time, consider Allen & Company. Our people have had audit experience at larger local and international CPA firms, but can provide high-quality audits at more reasonable fees.

  • Need a Concierge?

    Need a Concierge?

    Our clients have exclusive access to exceptional benefits. Our Concierge Service Model includes an outstanding network of professionals who help us satisfy the needs and wants of our clients anytime, anywhere. Contact us today and achieve the impossible.

  • Do You Own a Franchised Business?

    Do You Own a Franchised Business?

    Does your franchise have multiple locations and pay franchise and royalty fees? Our people have extensive experience with franchises, from accounting to controller to audit services and can help you with your unique challenges.

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I would like to take this opportunity to express my utmost respect and gratitude to your firm. Words can not express enough for how I feel with the service that I received from you in mitigating my 2001 through 2008 tax issues that I had with both the IRS and the state of Georgia. With your guidance, knowledge and tax background you were able to resolve my tax issues that amounted to over $25,000 and I was able to receive a tax refund due to your recalculation of my tax liability. I cannot thank you enough for your support over the last 14 months to resolve my tax problems.

Rhonda R., ,

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