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Our People Are Not Assets, They Are Our Volunteers

At Allen & Company, PC, our people are not assets, resources, or inventory. They are investors seeking a decent return on their investment. We realize that when we hire new firm members, they are volunteers desiring to contribute to something larger than themselves.

Wanted: People With Passion, People With Heart

Our people have the passion, the desire, and the dream to make a difference in the lives of others. Because we understand that people are investing their intellectual capital in firms that will pay a fair return, rather than asking "How much is this person worth to the firm?", we ask "How much is the firm worth to this person?"

"Ordinary" Professionals Can Achieve Extraordinary Results

Even the most talented people have weaknesses along with their strengths. We work hard at capitalizing on our people's strengths and diminishing their weaknesses.
Our commitment to our firm members:

  • We offer an environment that encourages our firm members to be creative, have fun, and to be innovative.
  • We offer challenging work for our firm members.
  • We offer opportunities to enhance our professionals' skills and to help them become better people.
  • We recognize our firm members' outstanding accomplishments and celebrate their successes.
  • We offer competitive wages, benefits, and work/life balance.

"Gifted bosses and great employees want the same things from a workplace: freedom from management, mediocrity, and morons; a change; and a chance."
Dale Dauten


Consistent with our work/life balance philosophy, we offer flexible schedules for our hourly professional firm members with an opportunity to take on as little or as much customer responsibility as they desire. We understand that family time is important.

We offer our salaried professional firm members three weeks of vacation and an opportunity to earn more vacation with length of service, paid holidays, health insurance, and a retirement plan.
We also have firm retreats where we can get away from the office, have fun, and do some creative thinking about improving our services and firm processes.

Career Opportunities

To apply for a posted position, please send your resume (attached as a Microsoft Word document) to Please include the position that you are applying for in the subject line of your e-mail and be sure to include your interests and hobbies! Allen & Company, PC is an equal opportunity employer (EOE).

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