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We always enjoy talking with current and potential customers. If you have any questions about our products and services, fill out this form and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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We realize that our customers ultimately determine the value of our services.  As a result, we provide total solutions rather than technical answers and that allows us an opportunity to provide higher value.

We are looking for customers who appreciate a relationship with their accounting firm throughout the year and who are proactive in attaining their goals. We like to make sure that we are the appropriate solution for our customers.

Benefits of Membership

We like to think of our firm as a club where members have exclusive access to exceptional benefits. We facilitate alliances between our customers so that they can benefit from the products and services offered by each other. Other benefits of membership include access to periodic newsletters that provide true value; "Lunch 'N' Learn" meetings to discuss tax, accounting, or financial improvement topics; access to open houses to meet firm affiliates and customers and to provide information to us about your wants, needs, and service quality; and ability to securely communicate information electronically.

Additionally, if you know someone who could benefit from our services and may be a good fit for us, please introduce them to us and either refer them to Allen & Company's internet site or to a Business or Individual Services Brochure.

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