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We have adopted the Concierge Service Model that includes an outstanding network of people who help us satisfy the needs and wants of our customers.  This service model encourages our customers to call us first for anything they need, anytime, anywhere.

Personal Financial Planning

Personal finance is 80% behavior and 20% head knowledge.  Most people know what to do with their money.  They just don't do it.

Personal financial planning services are often requested by people who need a review of their current financial situation, need help in clarifying their financial goals, and wish to implement customized strategies to meet their goals.  Allen & Company can help you assess your personal financial health and then introduce you to trustworthy financial advisors who will listen to your goals, abide by your tolerance for risk, and ensure that you understand the strategies and products recommended.

Payroll Processing

Studies have shown that the most successful businesses outsource what they don't do well and focus on things that are important to their core business.

Payroll processing services are often requested by business owners who wish to have a third-party provider manage the time-consuming tasks of payroll processing, payroll tax return preparation and filing, and human resource management.  While Allen & Company can assist small businesses in preparing quarterly and annual payroll tax returns after the paychecks have been issued, we have relationships with several payroll processing firms and would be happy to refer a provider to larger businesses that need comprehensive payroll services.

Estate Planning

When people die, their estates frequently die with them, not because they've done something wrong but because they haven't done anything.

Estate planning is often requested by people who wish to provide enough income or capital or both to the people and organizations they love and by people with taxable estates who desire to reduce potential estate tax liabilities.  Allen & Company can recommend a qualified estate planning attorney who will take time to understand your wealth transfer objectives, assist you in creating a comprehensive plan, and help you implement and maintain the plan and account for any subsequent changes.

Finance Function Improvement

Finance function improvement services are often requested by business owners and managers who have front line managers who focus too much on the details or cannot make well-informed decisions, have excessive costs in finance processes, have extensive manual finance activities, have poor internal controls, or have poor tracking of fixed assets or inventory.  Allen & Company can refer specialists who can help you identify the finance areas that present the greatest opportunities for improvement and help you devise and implement a plan to promote positive changes in your business.

Business Process Re-engineering

Business process re-engineering services are often requested by businesses needing assistance with analyzing the design of their workflow processes.  Allen & Company can refer specialists who can help you rethink how your business does its work in order to dramatically improve customer service, reduce operational costs, and become a world-class competitor.

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