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Franchise Services

Franchise Services

Improve Your Franchise and Take Your Life Back

Although you have a franchise operating manual and support from your franchisor, your business probably isn't running on auto-pilot.  In fact, you're most likely putting in a lot of hours each week and working harder than anyone else.  Allen & Company can be the partner that you've needed to help you bring your business to life and your passion back to your business.

Our people have a lot of experience working with franchises, including those who have worked as controllers in franchised restaurant businesses.  We understand your unique franchise challenges and can help you improve your business and build a business that truly runs without you.  Contact Allen & Company today and take your life back.

Our franchise services include the following:

  • Accounting
  • Financial Statement Audits and Reviews
  • Controller Assistance
  • Taxation
  • Business Advisory

Why Choose Allen & Company?

  • We help franchise owners actually understand their financial statements and the financial health of their businesses.  We can provide complimentary Financial Performance Review reports periodically to help you make better business decisions too.
  • We make it easy doing business with us.  We quote fixed fees for many of our services rather than hourly fees to avoid any surprises and provide payment terms for higher-value services.
  • We offer large firm experience for reasonable fees.  Our people have worked for international and local CPA firms, for Fortune 500 companies, and as controllers in quick-service restaurant franchises.  Experience like this can be very costly at large CPA firms, but we have recognized an opportunity to provide the same service quality at more reasonable fees.
  • We communicate and educate.  We listen to our clients when we meet or talk with them, e-mail newsleters that provide true value, and host educational seminars on tax, accounting, and financial improvement.

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