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Blog posts tagged with "Tax Returns"

How the 2018 Tax Reform Act will Affect Your Personal Tax Return

We have highlighted several changes in the new tax law that will affect taxpayers and their personal income tax returns.

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10 Smart Ways to Reduce Your 2017 Taxes

Don't wait until the end of the year, when it's too late, to think about reducing your taxes. By having tax planning done before year end, you avoid getting unexpected surprises at tax time. Call our CPA practice today to get starteded with tax planning at (770) 428-6229.

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How to Avoid Steep Business Late Tax Filing Penalties?

Beware of steep late filing penalties for S Corporations and Partnerships.

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Is My Home Sale Gain Taxable?

The tax law allows for a pretty nice exclusion of the gain you may have on the sale of your home.

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10 Smart End-of-Year Moves to Reduce Your 2015 Tax Liability

The clock is ticking but you still have a few days before year-end to think about ways to reduce your tax bill.

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10 Red Flags on Your Return that May Cause an IRS Audit

While some tax returns are selected randomly for audits, the IRS is looking for anything that looks out of the ordinary on the return, deductions other tax payers typically have misused, mismatches of what’s being reported on the return and the source documents received by the IRS.  

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Are my Kids’ Summer Camps Tax-Deductible?

Here are the tax rules that determines whether your child care expenses are tax-deductible or not.

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Tax Avoidance vs. Tax Evasion

Tax evasion may get you in prison and is heavily penalized with fines, but tax avoidance is legal.  A good CPA or tax preparer should give his or her clients sound advice and methods to reduce taxes while complying with the tax law. 

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How the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will Affect Your Tax Return

We have put together a summary of what you as an individual taxpayer need to know about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how it affects your tax return.

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10 Tax Planning Strategies You Don’t Want to Miss

Take action to reduce your taxes this year by implementing these easy tax planning strategies.

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Should You Throw Out Your Old Tax Returns?

A taxpayer's guide to spring cleaning and record keeping.

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