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Blog posts tagged with "Restaurant Advisory"

Financial Statements Lead to Financial Fitness

Do you have a regimen in place that produces top health for something as crucial as your business?  Preparing monthly financial statements IS part of that regimen!  Think of financial statements for your business as the most effective workout routine that will bring the results you desire.   With the information recorded in these accounting records, you can make better business decisions to strategize towards greater health.  These documents are the monthly weigh-in that can meaningfully inform your next choices according to what has worked in the past and what you might change.

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How to Control Prime Costs in Quick Service Restaurants

Since the Prime Costs make up a large portion of total expenses for restaurants, it's very important that restaurant owners know how to control them.

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How to Prepare a Budget for Your Quick Service Restaurant

Creating a budget for your quick service restaurant may not sound like a fun thing to do and maybe even a little intimidating, but having a budget is crucial for you to be able to control your business finances.

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The Importance of Weekly Reports in Quick Service Restaurants

Take control of your restaurant's profitability by analyzing sales numbers and prime costs on a weekly basis. 

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Efficient Scheduling of Employees in Quick Service Restaurants

Efficient scheduling of employees in your quick service restaurant is highly important to control labor costs.  If your employees are idle at work or your lack of planning is causing frequent overtime pay, you’ll quickly lose money.  Even if labor costs are only 2% higher than they should be, that means that your net profit is 2% lower.

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Are You Hiring LEGAL Immigrants?

It is illegal for employers to knowingly hire aliens who are not authorized to work in the United States.  Employers who hire unauthorized workers or knowingly accept fraudulent documentation can face severe criminal and civil penalties. 

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Uncertainty for Restaurant Owners in 2015

2015 starts off with many uncertainties for business owners who are waiting to see what legislation President Obama and Congress will pass this year and how it will affect their taxes and responsibilities as employers.

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4 Important Strategies When Pricing Restaurant Menu Items

Accurate pricing of menu items is vitally important for restaurants to succeed.  

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How to Reduce the Risk of Robberies and Violence in Your Restaurant

Measures to keep your employees and restaurant as safe as possible from violent acts.

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Employees Receiving Kickbacks from Vendors Hurt the Restaurant Owner

How restaurant owners can prevent employee theft in the form of vendor kickbacks.

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