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Blog posts tagged with "Personal Advisory"

Financial Statements Lead to Financial Fitness

Do you have a regimen in place that produces top health for something as crucial as your business?  Preparing monthly financial statements IS part of that regimen!  Think of financial statements for your business as the most effective workout routine that will bring the results you desire.   With the information recorded in these accounting records, you can make better business decisions to strategize towards greater health.  These documents are the monthly weigh-in that can meaningfully inform your next choices according to what has worked in the past and what you might change.

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How Can You Achieve a Financially Secure Retirement?

When it comes to saving for retirement, time is your greatest asset.  Other considerations to save for retirement include knowing the sources of income you can depend on and estimating your financial needs in the future..

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Is Estate Planning Really Necessary?

The two biggest priorities for most people when planning their wills are taking care the special people in their lives and their assets.  Confidently prepare for the future by strategically creating a will, trust, or a comprehensive estate plan built to suit your needs.

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Is My Home Sale Gain Taxable?

The tax law allows for a pretty nice exclusion of the gain you may have on the sale of your home.

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How to Start With Dreams and Finish With Results

The fulfillment of dreams does not happen by chance.  Giving consideration to your ideal business and personal lives, practical goals can be generated that when reached will have resulted in the realization of your dreams.

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How to Save for College

Are you prepared to pay for your kids' college?   Here are 5 good college savings options.

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