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How to Reduce the Risk of Robberies and Violence in Your Restaurant

How to Reduce the Risk of Robberies and Violence in Your Restaurant

Restaurants are considered “high risk establishments” when it comes to workplace violence.  A study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2000 found that 45% of workplace homicides happened in restaurants and bars.

Restaurant workers interact with all kinds of people, including violent ones, handle cash, and work late at night or early in the morning when not many people are around.  These are all factors that put the restaurant employees at risk for violence.


How to reduce the risk of robberies and violent acts done to employees in the restaurant:

  • Have clear written and communicated anti-violence policies and make sure the employees are trained for crisis situations.
  • Have police or a security consultant perform a safety review.
  • Store as little as possible of cash in cash registers, store the cash in a safe, or make frequent runs to the bank.
  • Install good lighting, video cameras, and alarm systems with panic buttons.
  • Install a peep hole in the backdoor and make sure the backdoor is locked.
  • Change the locks when workers who have keys terminate employment.
  • Install door detectors to notify the employees when customers enter.
  • Post emergency phone numbers on telephones in various places in the work area.
  • Have employees work in teams.  An employee on duty by him- or herself is an easier target for criminals. 


How to reduce the risk of employees acting out violently:

  • Conduct a criminal background check on applicants.
  • Conduct all terminations with respect and dignity.


Taking measures to keep your employees and restaurant as safe as possible from violence and robberies is a good financial decision.  It’ll also protect against any potential lawsuits brought by employees who have been hurt by violence in the restaurant.


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