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How to Avoid Steep Business Late Tax Filing Penalties?

How to Avoid Steep Business Late Tax Filing Penalties?

Answer: File your tax return on time.

But seriously, maybe you did get a little behind on filing your company’s tax returns and it’s past the tax due date, but you’re not all that concerned because your company suffered a loss and you as the business owner won’t have much of a tax liability if any to report on your personal tax return anyway.  Well, not so fast!

While individuals and C Corporations are charged a penalty percentage of outstanding and unpaid tax liabilities, S Corporations and Partnerships are penalized $195 per month per shareholder/partner for up to 12 months.  It doesn’t matter whether the S Corporation or Partnership had a positive taxable income or not.

Example: If the S Corporation has four owners, the monthly late filing penalty will be $195 X 4 = $780.  The maximum penalty of 12 months in this case will be $780 x 12 = $9,360 for the business.

It’s important to know that a business venture doesn’t need to be formally organized as a Partnership to be considered one.  In most cases an unincorporated business venture such as a Limited Liability Company with two or more participants would be considered a Partnership for tax purposes and, thus, subject to the $195 per month per participant late filing penalty.

There is a possibility that the Internal Revenue Service will waive the late filing penalty for first-time offenders, but they must be able to demonstrate “reasonable cause.”

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